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History of Pinetop

1880s: The first settlers arrived in the area, primarily made up of six Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) families.

1884: Hans Hansen, Sr., a native of Denmark, was appointed by the church to represent the area as bishop of the Show Low ward.

1891: Bishop Hansen's home burned down and he relocated from the Show Low area to Warren Ranch in Pinetop.

1893: Hansen bought a squatter's right to a small log house in Woodland.

1890s: Farms and orchards started being developed which led to disputes over water rights. This was also the time formal schooling emerged.

1903-1904: Except for Adair Spring and Pinetop, the mountain's freshwater sources dried and residents were
forced to haul their water from the two available resources.

1904: Following the drought was the wettest season of the year. The heavy rainfall was said to have contributed to the decision to build a reservoir. Hansen scoped our several locations for dams and irrigation ditches, and the first dam on Rainbow Lake was built.

1905: A massive decline in sheep occurred and many of the local sheep farmers were forced to sell out.

1906: Pinetop was covered with countless mature trees and a handful of underbrush. With the emergence of the sawmills, old trees were cut down and new pines sprang up.

1984: The year when the communities of Lakeside and Pinetop incorporated as the "Town of Pinetop-Lakeside."

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